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What Do You Look for When Booking an Off-site Meeting Venue?

I was asked this question recently by the team at Chamber Space, the meeting and events venue in the heart of Manchester City Centre and home to Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

I think my TOP FIVE major considerations for off-site meetings are:

  • Location – got to be easily accessible, preferably by public transport – got to think about the environment!

  • Price – is tea & coffee included? Is IT support available in case anything goes awry?

  • Professionalism – how knowledgeable and responsive are the events team?

  • Look and feel of the building – it needs to impress the client/meeting host & guests

  • Facilities – what other facilities are included in the hire price?

Having visited Chamber Space in Elliot House, Deansgate, and attended events there, I can safely say the Grade II listed building covers all of these points superbly.

If you are a regular into Manchester you may have noticed that the city is very obviously quieter on Mondays and Fridays – and although this is a challenge for venues it is a great opportunity for businesses who need off-site meeting space, or maybe don’t have any office space, to get the team together to start or end the week together.

As a freelance event organiser, I work with a variety of different clients and different venues, and once I find a venue that offers a great service I stick with them. Customer service works both ways and by creating a good relationship I can get competitive prices – generally with extras thrown in for good measure – while satisfying the venue that I’ll bring repeat business. It’s all about reinforcing the know, like and trust that builds the relationship on all sides.

Because I’m so impressed with Chamber Space, I’ve been speaking to them about how we can work together and as such we’re working on a showcase event so I can show my clients and contacts this great space and help clients get the most for their meetings. Chamber Space offer loads of incentives to visitors – a choice of rooms, competitive pricing, discounts for repeat bookings, plenty of ‘special offer’ days such as Mondays and Fridays when there are fewer people in the building, an on-hand IT team, fully operational events team…the list goes on.

One of the things I really like about the building is it’s feel as soon as you enter. It’s an old building with a great atmosphere about it, but also has a mix of traditional and modern meeting rooms so will be able to match any expectation. Rooms are small enough to cater for just 4 people or large enough to cater for up to 120 people, with every possibly option in between. There are breakout spaces, hot desks, Wi-Fi throughout and coffee machines at every corner! It really does tick every box.

And it’s right in the heart of Manchester so no bothering with traffic, expensive parking or worrying about fuel prices, just hop on public transport and you’re good to go!

I’ll be sharing details of the Showcase Event once they’re finalised, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for meeting rooms, then I highly suggest getting in touch with me or the team to talk about how they will create just the right event for you.

Give Chamber Space a visit - Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WD



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