Manchester Innovation Forum – Industrial Innovation in Transition @ Chamber Space

A team from the University of Manchester has been working with colleagues from across Europe, investigating the current best practices in the most innovative companies. The project has gathered data from 800 companies ranging from innovation leaders to moderate innovators in multiple industries across 11 European countries to update our understanding of what constitutes good innovation management in the present, increasingly fast-paced business environment, and to review how well current innovation policies support the adoption of new innovation processes.

Professor Luke Georghiou, Vice-President of the University of Manchester, and the University of Manchester team behind the research will present the findings of this large scale research project, and discuss with members of the Chamber whether its findings reflect the experience of businesses across Manchester. The session will also provide examples of how innovative companies in Manchester might be able to take forward some of the project’s recommendations. Speakers will include representatives from businesses who participated in the research, reflecting on the wider findings and their relevance for local businesses.

Join The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research for the sixth Manchester Innovation Forum on Monday 19 June at 4pm at Chamber Space for a panel discussion followed by a drinks reception.